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DXC Technology Reveals New Strategy1


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DXC Technology Reveals New Strategy

DXC Technology is a multinational information technology services and consulting firm headquartered in Ashburn, Virginia. Founded in 1984, the company provides a wide range of IT solutions. Its clients include companies in financial services, healthcare, and government. Its services range from IT consulting to IT infrastructure management.

Cost side of dxc tecnology

In an effort to increase its profitability, DXC Technology is looking to the cost side of its business. This company’s business revolves around legacy systems and infrastructure, and as a result, the company is looking to cut costs. In a bid to achieve this, management is consolidating its infrastructure services and datacenter space. It has also trimmed its staff and morale.

To stay ahead of the competition, DXC is focusing on transforming its legacy offerings and embracing the digital transformation. It offers managed cloud solutions through Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. These services enable organizations to streamline their infrastructure and save money on IT resources.

Growth side of dxc tecnology

Often referred to as DXC Technology, DXC is a company that specializes in technology consulting. It has offices around the world and has expanded into areas such as cloud and analytics. The company’s business model is focused on transforming companies from the traditional business environment to the latest cloud technologies. The company focuses on cloud transition, integration, and multi-solution architecture.

New strategy

A new strategy for DXC technology has emerged following several challenges the company faced last year. As the company struggled with a lack of growth, poor customer satisfaction, and accelerating customer flight, the board of directors decided to change the direction of the company. They brought in Mike Salvino, who had previously led Accenture’s BPO Operations, as CEO.

DXC is undergoing a top-to-bottom transformation to stay relevant to its customers. Its Global Infrastructure Services (GIS) business is improving and allowing it to bring its more profitable Global Business Services (GBS) business to bear. Despite this, DXC’s GBS segment profit decreased 6.5% year over year to $298 million. It had a 15.9 percent segment profit margin.

Future of dxc tecnology

DXC Technology is focused on the future of the workplace and is helping companies transform their operations through digital technologies. Its innovative solutions include virtual badges for hands-free entry, IoT technology, and facility sanitation. Its cloud solutions offer superior speed and compression and provide real-time monitoring of data.

The company was recently named one of the top five Solution Providers by CRN. Its strategy is to focus on delivering mission-critical systems and has invested heavily in its growth strategy. For example, last month, DXC expanded its partnership with ServiceNow, a software platform for enterprise operations.


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